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Everything we do we must do with purpose. What is your purpose?
The reason Colleen and started in this business was to help people share their story. Each and every one of us has a story to tell. If you are a business owner, a speaker, a coach you have people who want and need to hear your story. We help you share your story with those people.
While we work with you to write and publish your book sometimes it takes a little help to really find the story you want to tell. Let’s talk about my story. I’m young, what do I have to offer? Well lots and I have to thank my coach Pat, the wonderful Victoria, and all the Mavericks for helping me discover how I can share my story with the people who matter most!
During a segment of the retreat Victoria was speaking about being professional when you dress up for the day, always looking your best, for yourself, your clients, and all the people you run into, you never know who that could be! I hoped up for a short little consultation in front of the group and I showed off my fun socks, I love to wear fun socks!
So I got to thinking and I am now posting pictures of my fun socks on Instagram. Along with each picture I also write up a little business tip, a little life lesson, something to do with being a business owner because we all know you never stop being a business owner. Right now I tell my story through socks and Instagram. How do you tell your story? What is your purpose?
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Talk with you all shortly!
Peter Wietmarschen
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Peter, a 2014 graduate of Morehead State University's Caudill College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music. He strives to express his thoughts and ideas in a creative and professional manner.

Peter is our Vice President of Operations and Marketing and a contributing writer on our site. He enjoys writing blogs which provide helpful information to readers as well as general business practices and more!

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