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Have you ever thought to yourself, “I want to write a book?” Or, maybe you’ve heard an increasingly large number of entrepreneurs are writing books and you want to jump on the train. Maybe you want to spread your story and expand your audience beyond your current clientele. We’ve heard these types of comments and questions from many people and we are here to help. Over the past month we have put together a guide for authors, speakers, coaches, and businesses owners to start the book they’ve always wanted to write.

Today I’ll break down what we created and why we sectioned it out the way we did. From the first day of writing to finding your readers’ problems to brainstorming ideas for your cover and everything in between, we have you covered.

What we did?

Making it easier to start your book!

“Ten Simple Steps to Discover the Book Inside You” is our way to help people who want to write a book but do not understand where to start. One of the hardest parts of writing a book is starting. Newton’s first law, as stated probably one too many times outside of the field of physics, still holds true – “An object in motion stays in motion, an object at rest stays at rest.”  The aim of our guide is to help writers to just start, to create a certain time to write in a creative place, and to begin planning the entire process of writing, publishing, and marketing their future book.

Each manuscript goes through three main processes, which you have probably heard from us before: writing, publishing, and marketing. We divided our ten days into three, three-day blocks tackling the three tasks in each period block. But, that only adds up to nine days. The last day, and in our opinion the most important day, is the day in which we encourage our writers to take the time to plan out the rest of their book, and to take the next step forward.

If you want to learn a bit more about how to start writing your book, download “Ten Simple Steps to Discover the Book Inside You” today and begin your path to publication. Or, if you know of someone interested in writing a book, please share this post with them. We appreciate it! 

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Ten Simple Steps to Discover the Book Inside You

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The Four Top Reasons Authors Need a Professional Virtual Author’s Assistant

[Part of this information taken from the Virtual Author’s Assistant Program.]

Four Top Reasons 9.2015

Yes, most of us would like to think we are superhuman when, in reality, deep down we know we aren’t! Shocking, I know…

Authors can’t do it alone:

  • Your focus is WRITING
  • Our focus is organizing the process

Special Training & Expertise:

  • We understand the methods/industry/technology
  • We have industry resources and connections

Collaborative Synergy:

  • You/We win with excellent communication skills
  • We provide guidance and encouragement
Guiding You Each Step of the Way

We help you #WriteYourWay by providing worry-free writing. Your attention should be concentrating on the characters, the plot, and the flow. We organize all the tasks surrounding the successful completion, publishing, and marketing of a book. All successful authors have an author’s assistant, and first-time authors can have one too – virtually!

Below are the four biggest reasons an author’s assistant is an essential member of the author’s success team:

  1. There is too much work for one person. So many new or aspiring authors have day jobs and this is what they must do until their writing pays the rent. Until an author can clone him or herself, he or she must rely on others to help carry the load.
  2. An author’s assistant has special expertise. From preparing a manuscript to writing a book proposal to coordinating the self-publishing process to running a virtual book tour or an Amazon best seller campaign, an author’s assistant can do this and much more.
  3. The cost is greater when you do it yourself. There is a high learning curve for anyone who has never made the publishing journey. Whether the author is paid $70 an hour or $270 an hour as a coach, therapist, attorney, or entrepreneur, the author’s assistant is a tremendous value at a much lower per-hour cost. With an author’s assistant the author has the freedom to concentrate on those things only the author can do, especially writing the best book he or she can. Expect to pay from $30 to $60 an hour (and it goes higher with greater expertise) for a qualified virtual assistant.
  4. Synergy and collaboration. An author’s assistant is there to help you take each step so precious little time goes by between your writing and preparation for publishing and marketing. If you set the date, the author’s assistant will be there with support and encouragement to help you make it happen.

Most people who start working with a virtual assistant are hooked. One of the keys to success is to have clarity about the tasks you need completed and the payment arrangements – and then put them in a contract. Another key is to find someone with demonstrated training and experience since the first-time author may be in the dark about what tasks are actually needed.

Take it from the established successful authors, don’t go it alone. Find the support you need and you will be well on your way to publishing success.

If you have questions about the manuscript process, the traditional or self-publishing process, or where, what, when, or how to market after publishing, ask us and we’ll be glad to help.

Until next time,

M. Colleen Wietmarschen (MCW)