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We’re back. You know the saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder?” You must be very fond of us right now! Not really funny, but we’ve been busy working on Your Literary Prose and during the past several months we have been busy launching a new joint venture program to assist writers, authors, and speakers along their journey of publishing their book. Your Literary Prose has teamed up with Joyce Glass, The Write Coach, to bring to you The Write Academy.

What is The Write Academy?

About 15 months ago, Colleen and Joyce met each other through SPEAK, a professional speaking program. After the gals met they decided to connect via internet and learn about each other. After speaking a few times and learning about one another, they clicked and knew each of us could bring different things to the table and something great could come from working together to offer writers. That’s how The Write Academy was formed.

But what is The Write Academy?

The Write Academy is a subscription-based program guiding writers through the entire process of publishing. During the past year Colleen, Joyce, and I put our heads together and used our 25-plus years of business experience working with authors, speakers, writers, and business owners and came up with a way to help people write their book in their own time with the tools to do it correctly with guidance from us. What came out of these many meetings is The Write Academy Success Path. The Success Path divides the process of writing a book into four systems: Clarify, Create, Complete, and Connect. Every step of the publishing process can be placed into one of these four areas.

The Write Academy Has It All 

The Write Academy includes monthly training from the team, your experts. Each month focuses on one area of the Success Path and goes deeper into the steps included in that area. For example, we teach our members how to develop their voice, how to self-edit and the difference between self-editing and professional editing, how you can organize your book and its chapters, and more.

How’s your grammar? Each month we add a Grammar Time lesson. For those who haven’t paid attention to grammar in a few years, this is a refresher in the details we may have forgotten or don’t think about so we shed a little light to help improve writing skills. .  

In addition to our training, members of The Write Academy receive an hour-long call with the whole team.It’s your time! Join our Zoom call and ask questions, share successes and concerns. The Write Academy Team, Peter, Colleen, and Joyce, are experts at what they do; ask away. Our goal is to help you meet your dream of published author.

Looking for a community of like-minded people? In our Facebook community members have the opportunity to share their work with each other, develop relationships, ask questions, and much more. You never know what can happen.

Meet The Team

The Write Academy Team is comprised of Colleen Wietmarschen, Peter Wietmarschen, and Joyce Glass.

Colleen Wietmarschen – Colleen’s business experience spans 21 years (yes, she was only eight years old!). As a Professional Author’s Assistant, she understands all the processes (manuscript creation, publishing, and marketing) needed so you reach your dream of published author! Colleen’s attention to detail shows through her copywriting, copyediting, and proofreading – she believes professional written image represents you, your brand, and your company – and your book is a company!​  Over the past few years Colleen has honed her speaking skills and is now a professional speaker. With her knowledge of business, writing, and more she brings a wide array of experience to her talks.

Joyce Glass –  JoyceThe Write Coachhelps writers and entrepreneurs  use the power of story to market their business. People may not remember what you say, but they will remember your story. Joyce takes her clients through the book writing process from the idea of a writing a book to the finished manuscript.

Some people start multiple books, and never finish due to overwhelm of the process. Joyce loves to help her clients break it down into manageable steps.  She helps you reach the finish line.

Her first published book is iNeed God ~ daily downloads for your heart. The next in the series is iNeed God ~ daily downloads for a Mom’s heart is being released in the Spring 2017, and she is currently working on her first novel as well.

Peter Wietmarschen –  Peter, a 2014 graduate of Morehead State University’s Caudill College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a minor in Psychology. He strives to express his thoughts and ideas in a creative and a professional way.

Peter is the Vice President, Director of Operations at Your Literary Prose and contributing writer for their blog, “On Record.” He enjoys writing blogs which provide helpful information to readers as well as general business practices and more! He comes to us with contemporary ideas, a fantastic work ethic, and tremendous energy. Peter has an open mind. He is exciting to exchange ideas with and have him challenge us!

Where you can The Write Academy: 

For more information on The Write Academy visit our website or if you want to stay up to date with all the latest info sign up for The Write Academy Waitlist where you will also learn about how you can create your writing plan. 

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About Peter Wietmarschen

Peter, a 2014 graduate of Morehead State University's Caudill College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music. He strives to express his thoughts and ideas in a creative and professional manner.

Peter is our Vice President of Operations and Marketing and a contributing writer on our site. He enjoys writing blogs which provide helpful information to readers as well as general business practices and more!

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