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Hey there! Peter here.

Over the past few weeks you might have seen us advertising something we are calling Write Night Cincy. But what is Write Night Cincy? Here’s a bit  of a background, what makes Write Night unique, and a bit about where the vision is for Write Night.

What is Write Night?

Write Night Cincy was born from a call we had with our coach.  Around that time Colleen had been talking a lot about the Paint Nights around town. We were also re-arranging our office and she has a few different paintings from those night we were looking to hang up. We just casually brought up those nights and our coach just happened to say, I was wondering if you were going to start something like that for writing. From that moment on, Write Night was born.

Write Night Cincy is more than just an idea and it’s far from done growing. Write Night Cincy is a new and exciting evening filled with friends, drinks, and fun, sprinkled with a little writing. During the evening your host (that’s me for now!) guides you and the group though creating a fun story. Each night we have a different theme, for example this past Write Night’s theme was A New Christmas Story.

While the themes change the core of the evening is the same. There are three parts of each event that we focus on.

  1. Having Fun
  2. Having a relaxed atmosphere with friends, drinks, and food
  3. Writing

Stay in touch with us!

There are some big plans on the horizon for Write Night Cincy.

First off we are working on a new, standalone website where you can see our calendar of events, sign up for an event near you, stay up to date with all things Write Night, and more. In addition to a new website we are creating a complete social media presence for Write Night Cincy (starting with Facebook), coming your way here in the next few weeks.

To stay up to date right while we are working on this site and our Facebook page you can sign up for our newsletter here to be the first to receive all the updates.

Coming Soon!

While we work on those things for the future, we are still staying busy now. We have just finalized our spot for one event in December! Join us for Write Night Cincy: A Y2K New Year’s Eve on December 28 at West Side Brewing. For more info or to reserve your spot go to our store.

Also, we are working on having more events in January, where we will have at least four events throughout the city. If you or someone you know would like to host a private Write Night for you and your friends get in touch with me, I’d love to lead a Write Night for you.

Talk to you all shortly,


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