Many people dream of being a published author, but very few know how straightforward, organized, and profitable the process is… Really!

When do you see your book completed and published?

Do you know the steps and commitment needed to make that happen?
Do you need support to:
  • Create a strategic plan for your book (either through traditional or self-publishing) allowing you to share your stories and realize your dream of published author?
  • Carry out your book plan through to publication because sharing your knowledge as the expert in your field will help others and take your business to the next level?
  • Critique your current process/plan to publication for you and your book and how to improve your process/plan?
  • Identify marketing streams for the successful launch and sales of your book?

If so, we would be privileged to share our knowledge and over 20 years of business experience including author assistance, copy-writing, copy-editing, proofreading, project management, and managing a team of 11 while running a six-figure business with you during our private VIP Day.

We want to help you by moving you through any detours keeping you in analysis paralysis. But, YOU take the next step. Reach out to us and schedule a time to talk about your needs, and we’ll discover if Peter and I are the right mentors and successful book consultants to help you.

Your VIP Day happens in person or via Skype/Zoom/telephone, so don’t make distance the issue keeping you from moving forward towards your goal of publication and receiving the support you need.

What the VIP Day Includes:

One single 3-hour consulting session, plus two, 20-minute follow-up Strategy/Q&A calls. 


Provide clarity on your pathway to publication in these relevant areas: Strategic Planning, Decision to Traditional or Self-Publish, Book Marketing Goals, Team Members Needed for Smooth Publishing Process, Financial Considerations for you with recommendations for clarity on priorities to move forward, and added client considerations.

Contact us to sign up for your VIP Day or schedule a time here and we’ll be in touch!

Payment due in full before VIP Day session.

VIP Day Regular Price: $1,500.00. 

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