The Experts Who Can Show You the Way

Wow, Kay Fittes’ interview was packed with information.

Now you know the importance of sharing your story or knowledge and having “author” included in your name; let’s see how the other experts can help you!

We gathered eight industry professionals and interviewed them because our motto is your book, blog, and writing. . . “It’s More Than Just Words.” Our colleagues / experts range from authors to speakers to professional author assistants and everything in between. For example, Michelle Arbore is a social media marketing expert. Michelle knows how to position authors and their book in the social media spotlight helping you find raving fans. Or maybe the publishing process from manuscript creation to publishing to marketing seems more than a bit confusing. We interviewed two Professional Author Assistants, who know all the processes to support you through your journey to publish and market your book.

These experts are here to help you:

  • Navigate your way to published author.
  • Coordinate the entire process from conception to marketing and everything in between.
  • Support published authors through the marketing process.
  • Discover the many ways authors make money from their book, it’s not just selling the book where you make money.

Writing your book is a process but with the guidance and support of experts you know you are doing the right thing. The information these experts share can make or break an author. You’ve taken the first step and downloaded our interview with Kay. You’ve learned the Three Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Write a Book. Now take the next step and listen to The Experts Who Can Show You the Way. We originally brought our experts to you for $249.00 but through this special offer you can listen to their interviews for only $19.00, a savings of 92%!

Meet the Experts

Diana Ennen: Best-Selling Author and PR Expert

Diana Ennen is the President of Virtual Word Publishing and author of six books including the best-selling, Virtual Assistant the Series, Become a Highly Successful Sought After VA, specializing in PR and marketing, as well as book marketing and PR and Virtual Assistant coaching for more than 30 years, she excels at getting great results for her clients. Follow her on Facebook.

Beverley Golden: Author

Beverley Golden is a writer, raconteur, peacenik and self-professed guinea pig, who loves testing unconventional ways to shift paradigms in the playing fields of health care, storytelling and creativity as a path to world peace. She courageously uncovers the humour in life’s crazy situations, offering hope, while promoting inner wisdom through the written word. “Trust your intuition even when no one else sees your point of view” is her signature mantra.   Her best-selling book,Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie, bursts with anecdotes from her years in the entertainment industry, coupled with her stories of survival from a life lived with health issues. Her passion is turning the “impossible” into the possible and she shares her thought-provoking observations on the Huffington Post, among others. Beverley lives in Toronto, Canada. Visit her

Tonya Hofmann: Author, Public Speaker

Tonya Hofmann:

  • CEO & founder of the Public Speakers Association & Career Speaker Academy
  • Globally Sought After Speaker
  • Host of Tonya Hofmann’s Fabulous TV Show
  • Best Selling Author of 6 Books
  • Winner: International eWomenNetwork ‘08 Business Matchmaker of the Year
  • Winner: 2015 Females are Fabulous Award
  • Finalist 2015 Central Texas Women of Influence
  • Winner: 2015 The Sip & Chat Movement Empowerment Award for Best Speaker
  • Cover of the National Speakers Association/CAPS April 2015 magazine “Speaking of Impact” w/ Featured Article
  • Cover of the “Be the Boss” Magazine February 2015 with Featured Article
  • Cover of the “America Let’s Talk” Magazine June 2015 with Article and on the “America Let’s Talk” Houston TV Show
  • Contributing Author in the Podium Monthly Magazine

Nominated for…

  • 2016 Global Influencer of the Year Award
  • 2014 CEO of the Year Award by the Business Journal
  • 2013 Profiles in Power by the Austin’s BJ
  • 2012 Most Connected Person in Dallas

Michelle Scappace: Professional Author Assistant

Michelle Scappace is the owner of Michelle’s Virtual Assistance.  As an Author’s Assistant, Michelle possess the knowledge and skills needed to help her clients navigate the publishing process. She helps authors overcome the obstacles that overwhelm them and get in the way of their productivity and impending publishing success.  The services she provides play key roles in saving her clients time and money by ensuring accuracy of information and coordinating the publishing procedures in order to be certain the right steps are being taken in the right way and at the right time throughout the process.  Michelle also works with Janica Smith, owner and CEO of PublishingSmith, as an author’s assistant. She helps coordinate the publishing company setup and establishing accounts for ISBNs, the Library of Congress, Amazon and printing sources for authors.  Michelle and Janica took over the professional author and speaker training programs in late 2014. These online programs were created by Jan King and upon completion offer professional author and/or speaker training certifications.  Michelle is a business professional with thirty years of experience providing executive administrative support and office management. She also has experience in marketing and event coordination.  Michelle loves to travel and for the past ten years she has enjoyed traveling around the United States while living full-time in an RV.

Janica Smith: Professional Author Assistant

Janica Smith is the owner and CEO of PublishingSmith where she leads a team that helps passionate, creative people who want to become published authors. One of her first clients introduced Janica as her Publishing Navigator. The title stuck and is a great descriptor of exactly what she does. She navigates the best path for her clients through the publishing process while making sure they avoid the many scams, mistakes and pitfalls that derail self-published authors.  She does all this with gentle encouragement and calm reassurance for the process.  Janica’s goal is to help her clients self-publish their book so it’s equal in quality to traditionally published books. Her promise is that if you hold your self-published book in one hand and a traditionally published book in the other, you won’t be able to tell the difference.  Janica has been instrumental to publishing books for more than 50 authors.  She has helped her clients establish more than 40 independent publishing companies. She enjoys taking care of details and providing the framework that allows creative people to flourish. She takes a comprehensive approach to the business of authorship and provides other business administrative support to her clients through another branch of her company called AdminiSmith. In 2014, she added another company, InstructionSmith, to the mix when she took over the training programs that certify Professional Virtual Author and Speaker Assistants.  Janica has called Austin, Texas home since 1973 when she arrived to attend the University of Texas. She enjoys spending time with her 3 grandkids who live nearby and her youngest grandson who lives on Whidbey Island outside of Seattle. She and her husband of 39 years, Jim, love to travel and now Whidbey Island is one of their favorite destinations.

Michelle Arbore: Social Media Marketing

Michelle Arbore is the Owner of Savvy Social Media, where she helps entrepreneurs and small businesses move past the overwhelm and frustration of social media. her company offers social media creation, management, and coaching so you can live the life you want. She takes you through each step with ease and simplification so you understand this ever-changing social media world. Because of that, Michelle’s clients have more time to work on their business and meet new clients, as well as spend more time with the people they love. With being a successful business owner and mom, Michelle understands the value of time and it empowers her to give you back yours. Michelle does much more than just talk about social media. She provides you with ideas and strategies you can walk away with and implement with ease. She puts forth her passion, experience, and love for social media. There’s no escaping social media anymore, so let Michelle simplify it for you and give you back your time!    On a personal note, Michelle is from Rochester, NY where she lives with her husband of 10 years, their 4-year-old boy and two fur baby cats, Anibel and Mama. Something people don’t know about Michelle is that she is a huge fan of Lucille Ball and reality TV, especially the Real Housewives (don’t judge!). She is also a survivor and fighter of Fibromyalgia. Her favorite social media platforms for personal use are Facebook and Pinterest and has seen great success with LinkedIn for her business.

James Ranson: Ghostwriter and Publishing Expert

James M. Ranson is the founder and directorof The Master Wordsmith. What would your business look like if you said what no one else in your industry was saying? What would it look like if you added a hundred people to your mailing list every month? What would it look like if you had a business card that pre-selected high-quality clients for you?

Authority. Following. Clients who can’t wait to hire you. These are only three of the things a masterpiece book can get you. And James Ranson is the man to get you that book.James is the founder and director of The Master Wordsmith, a group of book experts dedicated to helping business owners, industry experts, entrepreneurs and speakers bring excellent books into the world. Offering comprehensive services from ghostwriting and editing to design, marketing, and more, members of the Master Wordsmith team have co-created, designed, and launched over 150 books, many of which reached #1 bestseller status in one or more of Amazon’s 30 site-wide genre categories. A Wall Street Journal bestselling editor, James has done editing and ghostwriting work for several book creation companies, most notably Book in a Box and Authors Unite, as well as on his own. His editing has appeared on The Huffington Post and The Good Men Project, among others. His first book, Masterpiece Principles, will be published in summer 2016.James has also written grants for three opera companies, coached speakers at four TEDx events, spent a year on a road trip through the US and Central America, and sung in Carnegie Hall. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, he now splits his time between St. Louis, MO, and further road trips.