Three Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Write a Book

An Interview with an Expert Like You!

“It’s One of the Smartest Things I Ever Did!”

During this information-packed, conversational interview with Author and Professional Speaker, Kay Fittes, CEO of High-Heeled Success, Inc., she talks about how being an author benefited her speaking and coaching business. She also shares nuggets on how:

  • Her coaching clients asked her to write a book
  • Having a book can help you land speaking gigs
  • Having “author” after her name gives her instant credibility with her clients.

Writing a book is confusing and confusion keeps people from doing anything. Kay, and many other authors have/had their stories written and then put them on a shelf because of fear of making mistakes on the next steps.

The good news is there are professionals who have been through the process and want to share what they know now and what they wish they’d known before writing or publishing a book. Kay Fittes, CEO and owner of High-Heeled Success, LLC is one of those special people who like to give information so others don’t run into the same issues, whether it’s publishing a book or speaking at an event.

Your Literary Prose’s FREE gift to you is our interview with authority, Kay Fittes. Kay has covered the gamut of coach, speaker, and entrepreneur.  Kay coaches clients on improving their speaking skills and empowers women to command a competitive edge in the workplace. She takes audiences and workshop participants through an evolutionary, chameleon-like experience. Her programs present a cornucopia of strategies for women to take life-changing steps in their professional lives plus clients describe Kay’s Executive Coaching for women as career-changing. Kay has presented at over 2,500 speaking engagements and workshops to 100,000+ women (and men).

In addition to this, she has added the title “author” to her name. Fittes is the author of four books, including: Achieving High-Heeled Success: 50 Ways for Career-Oriented Women to SucceedHow to Raise Your Self-Esteem: An Action Guide for Women; and Go Ahead and Laugh: A Serious Guide to Speaking with Humor.

You’re asking yourself, “Why should I listen to Kay?”

Kay’s been there; she tells you, you can do it too! She’s been through it all and has made the most of the opportunities provided to her. Just like Kay, you too can realize the benefits of becoming a published author!

What are you waiting for? You too are an expert in your field. Take the first step; listen today:

  • better serve your clients
  • add value to your speaking engagements
  • bring credibility to your name by adding the title “author!”

Download the free audio of our interview with Kay. In addition to the audio interview, we are also including a PDF transcript of our interview.

After you listen to Kay, you’ll have the opportunity to hear our other experts in interviews covering different aspects of publishing your book, from manuscript conception to writing, to publishing and marketing your book and everything in between.

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