Write Your Book with the Pros

Helping entrepreneurs, coaches, and speakers complete their first draft.

You are closer than you think to writing the book of your dreams! We’ve heard so many writers, speakers, and entrepreneurs say, I don’t have the time, I’m confused by the process, I’ve had thoughts in my mind forever, but I don’t know where to start, and the list goes on. . . Your clients, potential clients, and the world is ready to read your story about how you reached the point of where you are today. If not now then when?

If this is you, we’re here to help! Your Literary Prose created “Write Your Book with the Pros,” our 12-week program for entrepreneurs, coaches, and speakers to finish their first draft. We are not going to lie, it’s not easy to write a book but with planning, dedication, and action you can finish writing your first draft in as little as 12 weeks.

“Write Your Book with the Pros” is a 12-week course brought to you by Your Literary Prose. From the time before you pick up the pen through the process of writing, we are here to help you gain clarity for your book, plan your steps, write your first draft, and move forward beyond the writing phase.

This program is more than just writing. We designed “Write Your Book with the Pros” to help you find your story, discover your reader, and plan your goals. . . and that’s just in the first three-hour, one-on-one session, “Your Day with the Pros: Planning to Write.” We don’t stop there. You receive two strategy/accountability calls with the Pros each month. We want to help you stay on track, overcome your obstacles, and during the following 12 weeks, we cover all the information you need to move your book through to publication and beyond; from before you put the pen to paper to what happens in the publishing phase, and setting your book up for successful sales, Colleen and Peter, are your expert guides.

“Write Your Book with the Pros” includes:

  • One three-hour “Your Day with the Pros: Planning to Write” positioning session
  • Twelve weekly exercises and information about writing, publishing, and marketing
  • Two 15-minute accountability calls each month (six total calls) with Your Literary Prose
  • Additional bonuses throughout!

Your Day with the Pros: Planning to Write

This three-hour planning session is your time to become clear on anything and everything related to writing your book. When you sign up you receive a questionnaire to answer and return before our session together, a schedule for the day, and a manual to use during our time together. Your day with us includes exercises so you become clear on your topic, audience, and goals. We also work with you on planning your writing schedule so you reach your goal on time!

Knowledge and Inspiration

Each week of your 12-week program Colleen and Peter send you a variety of exercises and great industry information so you not only complete your first draft but are also ready to immediately take the next step in the publishing process. As a bonus, during this time we educate you on many of the marketing tasks so your book is successful.

Accountability Calls

We’ve all been there before; those times when you’re struggling to move forward or you hit a roadblock and you just need a little help over the hurdles. Each month you have two 15-minute accountability calls with your personal coach, either Colleen or Peter. These calls are for you to ask questions, go over some of your exercises, celebrate accomplishments, or whatever you feel is necessary to reach your goal.

Are You Ready?

Take that leap and share your knowledge with the world! It’s time to say YES!

Schedule a time to talk with Colleen and Peter to discuss if this program is a fit for you!

About Us!

Peter, a 2014 graduate of Morehead State University’s Caudill College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a minor in Psychology. He strives to express his thoughts and ideas in a creative and a professional way.

Peter is our Vice President, Director of Operations and contributing writer on our site. He enjoys writing blogs which provides helpful information to readers as well as general business practices and more! He comes to us with contemporary ideas, a fantastic work ethic, and unlimited energy.


M. Colleen Wietmarschen, Professional Speaker, Coach, Professional Author Assistant, and Award Winning Writer, has entrepreneurial blood running through her veins. Owning her business since 1996, she’s seen it all; great times, not so great times, changing times, and more, but has prevailed through it all.

Colleen holds workshops and keynote speaking engagements on moving the needle forward in your business. Your business is always changing.

Your Literary Prose helps writers take the confusion out of the publishing process – coaching them through the process helping them reach their goals.

Colleen and Peter are co-founders with Joyce Glass of The Write Academy, a subscription-based program where writers work on their book on their time and receive monthly training on specific aspects of writing, publishing, and marketing a book.

Colleen believes the written word is still important when conveying your professional image; no matter what.

For fun, Colleen likes to take part in competitive walking events, hike, bike, and swim. She’s currently looking for a half marathon to take part in for late fall 2017 or early 2018. She started private violin lessons a few years ago. Her favorite quote is “Music Makes Us Human.” Author Unknown.

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